Am I a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

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Though a facelift can be one of the most effective procedures for rejuvenating an aging appearance, it is not always the right procedure for every patient. For your safety and your satisfaction, it’s important to have a professional evaluate your candidacy.

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Ideal Facelift Candidates

If you are unhappy with how your facial features have aged and you want to restore a more youthful appearance by eliminating loose skin, fine lines, wrinkles and folds in the area between your cheeks and collarbone, you may be a facelift candidate.

Generally ideal facelift candidates should:

  • Be physically healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure
  • Have reasonable expectations for what the surgery can and cannot accomplish
  • Be well informed about the surgical procedure and its preparation and recovery requirements
  • Be willing to abstain from smoking for a period of time
  • Have a suitable facial structure and skin elasticity to facilitate a successful surgery

Based on Dr. Eisemann’s professional assessment of your personal aesthetic goals and physical needs he can determine your candidacy and help you ensure that a facelift is the ideal procedure for helping you achieve the results you want most.

Sometimes Dr. Eisemann will recommend combining one or more cosmetic facial procedures with your facelift to help you achieve the results you want most. If you are not an ideal facelift candidate, Dr. Eisemann may suggest alternative rejuvenation options.

Alternative Facial Enhancement Treatments

For patients who do not meet facelift candidacy requirements or simply do not want to undergo surgery, there are a number of alternative non-surgical treatments available, including:

Dr. Eisemann can answer any questions you have during about any of our surgical or non-surgical facial procedures during your personal evaluation so that you can make an informed and safe decision.

To find out if more about your facelift candidacy, call Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center at 713-766-0071 to schedule an initial consultation with our Houston facelift surgeon today.