Male Cosmetic Surgery? Really?

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Serving Areas Near Houston & Sugar Land, TX

Jun 11, 2007

According to Men’s Health,, The male grooming market is booming as is the fact that many more men are turning towards cosmetic plastic surgeons to make them feel and look younger. Botox Injections, Nose Reconstruction, Pectoral and AB Enhancement, Liposuction, Calf Enhancements, etc. are just some of the procedures today’s male is willing to undergo in order to look fit and  stay trim at the top of their game. The days of a rough and tumble man are over. Today’s Male Species is very concerned over their looks, especially in the workplace. You have to look younger, work harder, and multi task with out showing a hint of pressure.

Dr Eisemann can help you men with just that. Don’t go anywhere else! Dr Michael Eisemann is triple board certified and has held countless chairs and positions in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Don’t settle when it comes to your appearance, after all, you only get one chance to make a first impression….