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"I am happy to say that I am very pleased with the results of my face lift and upper blepharaplasty. My goal was to improve the appearance of my facial skin and lessen the appearance of scarring from acne. I feel Dr. Eisemann did a wonderful job in accomplishing both of these goals for me. I had previously had two other procedures done by different doctors to lesson the appearance of my acne scars and had very poor results. Dr. Eisemann, however, was able to use his skill and expertise to give me not only a younger looking face, but one with less noticeable scarring. I am very grateful to him for this. Consequently, I am recommending Dr. Eisemann to any of my friends who are considering any type of plastic surgery.

Also, I would like to thank everyone in the office for their friendly and helpful attitude and their patience for all the many times I called with questions."


"I became aware of my profile at an early age due to comments made by others. These comments only heightened my awareness to my profile and the way I saw myself. I did not like to have pictures taken and was very critical of the way I looked in pictures. Dr. Eisemann has completed multiple procedures on me. The first procedure was a nose reduction and chin surgery. One simple word summarizes the results..."wow." I have had so many compliments on my profile. On one occasion someone actually told me "you have the most beautiful profile." That made me smile from ear to ear. I am no longer apprehensive about photographs being taken of me and I am so much more confident when I walk into the room. The second procedure I had completed by Dr. Eisemann was a breast lift and augmentation. I had already had two surgeries prior to this all before the age of 25. Losing weight was a great thing, but it was not too great to my breasts. I had some difficulties with the results of these surgeries and I knew that I needed to have the surgery completed for a third time. As you can imagine I was very nervous and scared about being able to "trust" a doctor. Dr. Eisemann and his staff made me feel so comfortable and took the time out to answer my questions and address any concerns that I had. I am so pleased with the results of the breast lift and augmentation. When I saw them I think I said, "I didn't think that my breasts could look like this." My breasts are now full, aesthetically pleasing, perky, and very soft. Dr. Eisemann is an amazing doctor. I no longer question trusting a doctor because I have found him."


"I want to sincerely express my thanks to Dr. Eisemann and his entire staff. Being a male, I had your typical abdominal and love handle (flanks) issues at 40. My biggest fears in doing liposuction in these areas was loose skin, pain and overall results. My consultation was honest and straight forward. I've learned that nobody is going to necessarily talk you into it and that you have to do it for 'you' and be realistic in your expectations. I can honestly say that I am thrilled with my decision to do the procedure and that the results have exceeded my expectations and given me the boost and motivation I was looking for to continue and improve upon a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise. I want to thank Dr. Eisemann and his staff again for being honest, upfront and compassionate. Make a small sacrifice and follow your simple pre-op and post-op instructions is my advice. I couldn't possibly offer a higher recommendation to anyone who experiences the same reservations that I did. Keep in mind you are doing this for you and how you feel. Not necessarily to 'fix' anything."

- J.M.

"By going to Dr. Eisemann, I was able to achieve the exact size I wanted with a look and feel that is so natural. If I had to do the procedure over again, I would definitely chose Dr. Eisemann. Several of my friends that saw me before and after were so amazed at the results, it made them decide to get breast augmentation by Dr. Eisemann. When having cosmetic surgery, the doctor's skill and experience is everything! I found that with Dr. Eisemann."


"When I was younger I used to wonder why women felt like they needed breast enhancement. Why couldn't they be happy with the way they looked? Then I had children, passed thirty and it seems like all of a sudden I noticed my breasts starting to sag. In looking back, I can recall that all of the women in my family had sagging breasts and heredity was also a factor. After I turned thirty-five it seemed each day my breasts would sag more and more. I decided it was time to do something about it. I was tired of having to pay a fortune for an ugly bra that would lift and minimize, not to mention having to adjust my breasts all the time.

After speaking with lots of women and doing tons of research on breast augmentation, Dr. Eisemann's name kept coming up as the best in his field. I made the appointment and was greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff who answered all of my questions and even assisted me with financing possibilities. I was also accurately informed on what to expect following the surgery. When I made the decision to go ahead with the surgery, Dr. Eisemann's office scheduled it right away.

Dr. Eisemann and his staff genuinely care for their patients. My self esteem has greatly improved and I look great in my clothes. No more ugly bras! (I don't even have to wear one now if I don't want to.) I am pleased with the results and my husband says I now have the body I had when I was in my twenty's. Thank you Dr. Eisemann for making me look great and feel better about myself I would do it all over again and often wonder why I waited so long."

- D.C.

"I was referred to Dr. Eisemann by an OB/GYN in the Houston area. When she found out I was considering breast augmentation, she informed me that through years of patient consultation, she had found that Doctor Eisemann had done the best work and established the best reputation with former patients. I choose Dr. Eismann to perform Breast Augmentation / lift in June of 1997, I have been very pleased with the results and care I have received from Dr. Eisemann and his staff. I have referred several friends and family members who have been equally pleased with their results. If or when I decide to have any other cosmetic procedures performed, Dr Eisemann and his friendly staff would be my only choice."


Dear Dr. Eisemann,

"I wish to express my sincere thanks to you for the fine and competent care you took of me before and after my surgery. I feel a great weight has been lifted off my chest - literally! My husband and I are both very pleased with the results."


Dear Michael,

"Once again, I just wanted to you know how pleased I am with the work you did on my eyes and my breasts! I love my new "wide eyed" look with which to see my "larger than life" bosom. I am just thrilled! You are so talented! Michael I feel very lucky to have found you. You spent endless hours with me and I deeply appreciate it. I'm sure we will be seeing a lot of each other over he years."


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