Houston Hair Grafting and Facelifts

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Sometimes The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center sees patients who have had less than positive results from plastic surgery procedures like a facelift, and they seek help from another plastic surgery expert to correct the issue.   It is not uncommon for Dr. Eisemann to consult with patients who are left with bald spots and visible scars following a facelift.  This is a problem – especially if the patient wears his/her hair back exposing the scars and bald spots.  Fortunately patients with this problem are not stuck this way.  This issue can be fixed with a hair transplant or hair graft.  The process is one Dr. Eisemann is experienced with, and it is relatively simple.  Small sections called micro-grafts are taken from the back of the head where the hair is denser.  This is called a donor location.  Once the micro-grafts are taken from the donor sites, they are prepared into individual grafts for each affected area.  This procedure is relatively short and can be performed under local anesthesia.  Under optimum circumstances, hair grafting is a permanent solution to bald spots.  One should also note that hair grafting is not just for complications from a facelift or scars, but also for those who are losing their hair.