Pastry Bags and Breast Augmentation

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Many of Dr. Eisemann’s patients ask not only about the difference between silicone and saline breast implants, but also about how the implants are inserted during surgery.  Saline implants are implanted empty, and after the outer shell is positioned correctly, the surgeon fills the implant with the amount of cc’s of saline that he/she discussed with the patient.  Because the outer shell is empty upon implantation, that means the size of the incision can be smaller.  Silicone breast implants are filled with gel-like silicone and unlike saline implants, are implanted with the full volume of silicone inside.  There are many methods to implant silicone breast implants, but one method is by use of a Keller Funnel.  This is a simplistic surgical device that looks very much like a pastry bag one would use to decorate cakes.  However, instead of icing the surgeon fills the funnel with the silicone implant and aligns the end tip with the breast incision.  When the funnel is squeezed, it puts an even amount of pressure on the entire implant.  This approach also allows the surgeon to make a smaller incision.  Dr. Eisemann is triple board certified in plastic, reconstructive, and head & neck surgery and he has practiced plastic surgery and breast augmentation techniques for over 30 years.  Rest assured that regardless of the type of breast implants the patient chooses that Dr. Eisemann will select and discuss the implantation technique that is in the patients’ best interest.