Breast Augmentation Incision Options

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One of the many decisions you will make in consultation with Dr. Eisemann is the incision placement for your breast augmentation. Depending on your specific aesthetic goals, Dr. Eisemann will recommend the incision placement that will give you the best results. During your consultation, he will explain the advantages and disadvantages to consider about the three main incision options.

Axillae (Armpit) Incision

The endoscopic technique makes an incision through the armpit and provides several advantages:

  • The breast is not scarred
  • The scar in the armpit often blends into the natural crease of the skin and is almost unnoticeable
  • The endoscopic surgery gives the surgeon full visibility of the surgical area and more precise control during your procedure

Disadvantages of the armpit incision include:

  • This technique is limited to smaller implants
  • Additional surgeries to remove scar tissue or replace breast implants can be difficult with this approach
  • The patient does risk some numbness in the incision area

Nipple (Periareolar) Incision

The advantages of using the periareolar incision, which circles the nipple, include:

  • The scar is well hidden by the darker areolar tissue
  • The area for creation of the implant pocket and implant positioning is directly visible to the surgeon
  • Breast surgeries for implant removal or replacement can use this incision successfully

Disadvantages of the periareolar incision include:

  • Patient unease with operating around the nip
  • Risk of loss of some sensation
  • Risk of issues with future breastfeeding

Under Breast (Inframammary) Incision

Inframammary incisions are made in the breast crease and tend to be the most popular choice for breast augmentations. The advantages of these incisions include:

  • Direct visibility of the surgeon for creating the implant pocket and positioning the implant
  • Near invisibility of the scar because it is hidden by the breast crease
  • Breast surgeries for implant removal or replacement can use this incision successfully

The disadvantages to consider with inframammary incisions include:

  • You will have a scar on the breast
  • On small tight breasts without deep folds, the scar may be visible

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