Breast Implant Placement Options

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The placement of your breast implants will play one of the most decisive roles in the final appearance of your breast augmentation procedure. Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann offers two primary breast implant placement options, enabling him to fully customize the look and feel of your final results – helping ensure your exact needs and desires are met. During your initial consultation, Dr. Eisemann will discuss all of your breast augmentation procedural options to ensure you are choosing the implant placement best suited to meet your needs.

If you are considering breast augmentation in Houston or surrounding areas of Texas, please contact Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center online or by calling 713-766-0071 to schedule your initial consultation today.

Subglandular Breast Implant Placement

Subglandular breast implant placement occurs below the tissue of the breasts, but above chest muscles. This placement option is less invasive, allowing for a small reduction in surgical and recovery time. Women with sufficient breast tissue to cover an implant may find this option allows for all types of breast implants to be placed without problem. However, women with naturally smaller breasts are not typically good candidates for this particular placement option. This may become less of an issue with form stable (gummy bear) breast implants, though even these advanced silicone options may look and feel less natural when placed above chest muscles on small breasted women.

During your initial breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Eisemann will carefully assess your natural breasts to help you determine if subglandular implant placement is a good fit for your needs.

Submuscular Breast Implant Placement

Submuscular breast implant placement occurs below the muscles in the chest. This placement option may slightly increase recovery time, though the results are typically worth this slight inconvenience.

Submuscular placement hides implants underneath the chest muscles, allowing for a completely natural look and feel regardless of the type of implant used for enlargement. This placement also helps reduce risks of visible implant imperfections and may reduce risks of breast implant complications such as capsular contracture.

Submuscular breast implant placement is ideal for many patients, but not right for every woman. The best way to learn if it is the right option for your breast augmentation procedure is through a one-on-one consultation with board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann. Please call us at 713-766-0071 today to schedule your breast augmentation consultation and learn which procedural options are best suited to help you reach your goals.