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Absolutely Versatile Liposuction Houston

Liposuction is a surgery that can be combined as part of various other surgeries to create a total look that you might want.  This total look package can even be used in facial procedures that most people do not commonly associate with liposuction.

For instance, liposuction can be included as a part of a chin augmentation. Combining the surgery with minor pockets of fat around the chin can shape and define the structure of the jaw or soften its contours depending on your desired look.

Liposuction can also be utilized in eye and brow lift surgeries. It may even be utilized in transgender plastic surgery to shape and contour or define and sculpt depending on whether the patient is aiming to look more feminine or more masculine.

Liposuction is of course a stand alone procedure, but even utilized alone it is often combined with a tummy tuck or body lift considering the occurrence of loosening body tissue.  We believe that for patients who want liposuction Houston has truly found itself one of cosmetic surgery’s most versatile procedures.

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