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Acne Flaring Up? Try Ipl At Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center

We at Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston ,Texas know just how Acne can flair up at the worst times in our lives and sometimes it seems as if our skin might just have a mind of its own! Many young professionals and adults come to Eisemann Plastic Surgery center often with Acne reactions or scars from acne related skin problems. Dr. Michael Eisemann is a triple board certified Plastic Surgeon who has help develop a new Acne Treatment that uses an Intense Pulse Light with Levulan that has been seen to improve as much as 70% towards the areas of the acute Acne outbreak or pore marks.  This proactive type of treatment is a very unique alternative to Retin-A, Accutane, Dermabrasion, or Laser Treatments which we at Eisemann Surgery Center also offer as well.

IPL furthermore offers a unique and non-invasive treatment that is also used to treat fine facial lines, acne scars, pore marks, and sun spots and has received some very positive feedback due to its simplicity and no downtime needed after. Several treatments will be needed and recommended for the best improvements over one to three weeks.

So, contact the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today if you suffer from acute acne syndrome and wish to use this state of the art IPL Treatment.

Let us help you look and feel your best, because you deserve no less.

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