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Actress Meryl Streep Goes For a Brow Lift Consultation And Has Panic Attack?

In the movie “It’s Complicated” Meryl Streep went in for a consultation about her excess skin sagging over her eye and almost had a heart attack when the procedure was laid out to her.  And then she ran into her ex-husband and started pulling her eye skin above her brow when she was talking to him. Now, this drastic scene was comical on so many levels especially due to Meryl’s incredible acting ability. Except truthfully, many women often experience this all too familiar feeling of despair because of this aging symptom.

At Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston, this problem is easily alleviated through our state of the art care and facility located in the heart of Houston’s Premier Medical Center. Dr Michael Eisemann has been a Houston Plastic Surgeon for over 30 years and is triple board certified in the art of Plastic Surgery. Brow Lifts are a simple and easy technique that can really accentuate the eye and facial region on the whole. Your eyes are often what captivate people about you when you speak and when you are silent as well.

Let Dr. Michael Eisemann make them look their best.

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