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Aging of The Face And The Brow Lift – How It Can Help

The eyes are usually the first things people notice about our faces, and they can reveal a lot about us, such as if we are happy, sad or tired. Unfortunately, as we age, the eye area conveys that we are tired and aging, even if we feel young and energetic. As we age it is natural for us to narrow the focus of our eyes (squint) to better focus light when we are trying to read or work. This causes the brow to pinch downward, placing extra force on the eyelids and crowds the skin on the upper eyelids. The excess skin then weighs down the eyelashes, resulting in a tired looking appearance. There are several ways to surgically correct this, and one procedure is the brow lift. When the brow is lifted up the patient looks refreshed and younger. Of course, eyelid surgery is also an option for some patients. In Houston Dr. Michael Eisemann has performed hundreds of brow lift procedures over his 30+ year career as a plastic surgeon.

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