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Are You Sure You Need Eyelid Surgery? Part 1

Many prospective patients who present at the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center seek to have eyelid surgery to fix drooping eyelids associated with the aging process. The eyes are one of the most prominent facial features and they help us convey emotions through their expressions.  The plastic surgery procedure to fix droopy eyelids is referred to as blepharoplasty.  The point is to make the facial appearance more youthful and rested looking by perking up the eyes.  However, not all patients who consult Dr. Eisemann about eyelid surgery have the typical skin laxity associated with aging, but another condition called ptosis.  Ptosis is actually an ophthalmologic disorder affecting the muscles that control lifting the upper eyelid.  Ptosis can be caused by a genetic abnormality that has always been present in the patient’s DNA, injury, various diseases or by aging.  Severe cases of ptosis can cause problems with the patient’s vision.  Risk factors for ptosis can include diabetes, stroke, Horner syndrome, and/or cancer that impacts the nerve and muscle response in the eye.  Dr. Michael Eisemann is a skilled plastic surgeon with multiple board certifications and over 30 years of experience in plastics.  Therefore, he is able to differentiate the patients who may have ptosis.  For information on how to meet one’s plastic surgery goals and treat ptosis, stay tuned for future blog posts from Dr. Eisemann’s office.

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