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Asian Eyelid Surgery: Part 2

As discussed last time, Asian Eyelid Surgery requires a high degree of competency.  The margin for error is unforgiving to plastic surgeons with little experience with this type of eyelid surgery.  When searching for a plastic surgeon to perform Asian eyelid surgery, the fundamental areas of importance are the surgeon’s training and experience with this type of surgery.  According to the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the number of double eyelid surgeries performed annually is quite limited, so naturally there are fewer opportunities for residents and fellows to gain much needed experience with this surgery.  The ASPS estimates that the average plastic surgeon may perform one double eyelid surgery once every five years.  Therefore, it is crucial for patients seeking Asian eyelid surgery to insist upon interviewing their potential plastic surgeon about how many such procedures they perform each year and ask to view a collection of the surgeon’s own before and after photos.

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