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Awesome Diy Eyelid Exercise!

Hello Houston and welcome to another DIY guide for your Eyelids.

The muscle around the eyes are like any other muscles in your body, they weaken and give way over time. By exercising these muscles you can lift and tone the skin around their eyes and can also help reduce the bags under your eyelids by doing them 2-3 times a day. It may seem like a lot but they’re quick and can be done while you’re sitting in traffic or really anywhere. This like most niche DIY activities will work really well for some people while other people won’t see any results, but hey, why not try?

Exercise #1. – 3 Easy steps

  1. 1st. – Make a V with your index and middle fingers on both hands.
  2. 2nd. – Place the V-shape at each corner of your eyes so that your fingertips touch the beginning and end of each of eyebrow. Apply slight pressure. (You do not want to create more wrinkles.)
  3. 3rd. Now all you have to do is look up. – Try to see the top of the head. – Then hold for a count of 40. Then look down for another 40 seconds! That’s it!

While doing the exercises the key point is feeling it. The more you feel it, the better! and if you liked this check back tomorrow for another easy exercise tip!

Now go have a great day Houston and take care from all of us at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston and Dr. Michael Eisemann!

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