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Baby Boomers: Plastic Surgery In Houston

It is no bombshell that the US population is aging, and that huge populations of baby boomers are slated to turn 65 this year alone. What may be eye opening is that more older people than ever are electing to have plastic surgery or another cosmetic procedure. This sometimes includes parents of baby boomers as well! Plastic surgeons in Houston and other areas of the country are noting that more and more older age groups seek facial and body plastic surgeries, as well as non-surgical options like Botox. The American culture emphasizes looking good and keeping people guessing about age related to physical appearance. Therefore, it follows that people remaining active physically and socially want to keep up a more youthful appearance. While women tend to be the main consumer for plastic surgeries, plenty of men are also looking into a facelift, brow lift, and in some cases, even liposuction. Dr. Michael Eisemann of the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center is asked by prospective patients how old is too old for plastic surgery? As with any patient, his/her medical history and personal characteristics are the final determining factor. Each patient is an individual and this is a decision to be made after careful consultation with one’s plastic surgeon and/or family physician. However, most individuals could have a plastic surgery procedure well into the later years of life provided they are in good overall health. Baby boomers should realize that there are limits on what plastics can do. For example, someone who is 70 years old will never be made to look 30 years old, but a good plastic surgeon can keep people guessing about the patient’s age.

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