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Be Cautious of Promises By Proponents of “incision Free” Facelifts

Recently there has been a considerable amount of media buzz about “incision free” facelift procedures, and individuals considering a facelift naturally have questions.  These procedures use ultrasound technology in an attempt to lift skin around the neck and face.  Though the promise of a non-invasive facelift is appealing to some patients, they should be aware that the results are not permanent and not as dramatic as those achieved by a traditional facelift.  These incision free facelifts may last between 1-2 years, but a facelift’s results can last for a decade or more.  This is because the surgeon shifts both muscle and fat beneath the skin to move them back to their original position before muscle and skin sagging set in.  Few plastic surgeons in Houston have the experience and training of Dr. Michael Eisemann of the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center.   Dr. Eisemann holds academic faculty appointments as an assistant clinical professor at both the University of Texas Medical School in Houston and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.  He is also a past president of the Houston Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Therefore, Dr. Eisemann remains on the cutting edge of new plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.  Contact the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today to set an appointment.

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