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Is Bigger Always Better For Breast Implants?

We understand that when you’re considering breast implants in the Houston area, size is almost certainly your pre-eminent concern. A breast augmentation is designed to provide significant enlargement, after all.

However, it’s important to remember that there are other considerations as well. It’s not usually a good idea to opt for the largest possible breast implant size.

Dr. Michael Eisemann has decades of experience helping women like you make the decisions that will define their breast augmentation, including implant size. We understand how implants and the body interact, and how to help you find a breast implant size that’s just right for you.

We will engage in a thorough conversation with you about your priorities and concerns. When it comes to choosing your final breast implant size, we’ll take into account your frame, your level of health and any history of back or shoulder pain you might have.

Finding the right implant size requires a keen aesthetic sensibility and an expert-level knowledge of the medicine and science involved. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center is a destination for patients from across the country because Dr. Eisemann has demonstrated his skill and commitment during his decades of work as  a board-certified plastic surgeon.

If you’re a Houston, Texas area resident and you want to learn more about your breast implant options, please contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today for a consultation. We happily welcome out-of-town patients hailing from anywhere in the United States.

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