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Bigger Isn’t Always Better–down Sizing Your Breast Implants

In a world focused on mass-production lead by the drive of society’s focus on “bigger is better,” we have the tendency to apply these same ideals to even the most personal of perspectives.  This is never so true than in the ideals of personal image and cosmetic surgery.  Typically, this has proven to be the case for breast implant surgery for many individuals–with the tendency skewed toward more extreme looks in our figures.

Psychologists have completed many decades of studies on self-perception, and often see these skewed self-perceptions in the general populous.  Everyone has experienced this at one time or another in their own lives.  Much like the unfamiliarity of your own voice being played back to you in a recording, given perspective, individuals usually have to use new reference points to accept their own features.  

In many ways a cosmetic surgeon completes this task of mediating a patient’s perception of themselves with a focus on their outside perspective.  The option of sizing down a breast implant surgery is usually a good idea when speaking with your doctor.  Often women ask for the maximum size possible during their consultation.  They typically want to overcompensate based on a skewed perception of inadequacy.  Rather than over accentuating the feature, finding a mid-sized range of implant can result in a much more eye-pleasing figure proportionate to the total body.  This results in a greater aesthetic result post-surgery with the woman’s overall figure in mind rather than a disproportionate look of being to “top-heavy.”   

So before going “big” ask yourself, “Is ‘bigger’ really better?”

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