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Born This Way? It’s Not Necessarily Permanent.

Lady Gaga, the high priestess of self-acceptance revealed to the press that she has never had cosmetic or plastic surgery, and that like her recent smash hit, she was born this way.  Lady Gaga conceded that after having children she may consider plastic surgery.  So, everyday Houston women aren’t that different from Gaga.  After having children, women’s bodies often don’t bounce back.  Post-partum may leave mothers with stubborn baby weight, compromised abdominal muscles, and sagging breasts.  Fortunately there are cures available at the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center.  Dr. Michael Eisemann is a triple board certified physician in Houston, Texas with over 20 years or experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery.  Just because you were born this way doesn’t mean you have to live this way.  Whether you are looking for breast augmentation, breast lift, or a body lift, Dr. Eisemann and his caring staff can help you decide what procedure is right for you.  To make an appointment, contact us today.

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