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Botox And Men

BOTOX® historically has been and continues to be one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures in both sexes for good reason. BOTOX® provides rapid results and has virtually no downtime. Following injections, there may be some areas of redness for a few minutes or small bruises that can be easily covered by a tinted moisturizer. The way BOTOX® is delivered to male versus female patients differs, and this is precisely why patients seeking BOTOX® should consult with a plastic surgery physician who has a thorough knowledge and understanding about the musculature of the face and how the aesthetics between men and women differ. What works for a woman’s face does not for a man even though the eyes are the focal point of the face for both sexes. The eyes are framed by the eyebrow, but unlike women’s eyebrows that are designed to arch and curve, the male’s brow is more prominent and should accentuate the aesthetics of the male face, which is characterized by a the squareness of a strong chin and jaw line. Michael Eisemann, M.D. is a top Houston plastic surgeon who has treated both male and female patients over his 30+ year career. For more information on BOTOX® for men, please contact our office.

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