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Botox is Great For The Face, But For Asthma??

Monash University in Melbourne, Australia will begin a small clinical trial to see if Botox can help patients with asthma.  Botox is best known for arresting facial wrinkles and fine lines.  The mechanism that makes Botox so successful for facial lines and wrinkles is the substance’s ability to paralyze facial muscles responsible for a furrowed brow, frown lines, and small lines around the eyes.  There are also theories that Botox helps eliminate migraine headaches and excessive sweating.  Researchers in Melbourne hope that strategically injecting Botox will relax the muscles in the throat and voice box that make the patient feel constricted and breathless during an asthma attack.  While Botox may not be a cure-all for asthmatics, we know it works wonders with frown lines.  If you are curious about how Botox can help you put your best face forward, then contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston, Texas to learn more.  Dr. Michael Eisemann performs both plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures for hundreds of satisfied patients.

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