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Breaking News In Breast Implant Surgery

THIS JUST IN:  The US FDA 2010 panel reaffirmed 2006 approvals for silicone gel implants.  The USFDA made an announcement regarding silicone gel breast implants.   According to submitted evidence based on current scientific study and testimonial references from medical doctors, the FDA has officially affirmed their prior findings regarding the general safety of silicone gel implants.  This means that patients seek regular MRI screening of their breasts have less to worry about, and have an added benefit in monitoring their continued structural integrity of their implants.  Falling into line with the rest of the world, this benchmark report places the US into more pragmatic company concerning breast implant testing for patients.  Given this fact, that structurally the silicone implant is safe, and does not directly impede the effectiveness of a patient’s MRI, the USFDA committee came to the conclusion that based on current scientific knowledge that that there is no causation between silicone gel implants any logically occurring illness.

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