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Breast Augmentation With Breast Lift In Houston

Women considering breast augmentation surgery usually have two issues with their breasts, although they may only be conscious of one.  These issues are the size of the breasts and the sagging of the breasts.  Most women who come in to consult with Dr. Eisemann are more focused on increasing the size of their breasts through the use of either silicone or saline breast implants than lifting the breast tissue.  Though enlarging the breasts will certainly enhance the feminine contours, it will not reverse what gravity has impacted.  Therefore, patients are likely to be unhappy with the final results if they were expecting breast augmentation to completely makeover their chest to how it looked at 20, but only larger.  That is why a breast lift in combination with breast augmentation may be the best approach for some women.  Breast augmentation with breast lift is referred to as augmentation mastopexy.  The benefits of these combined procedures include: increased firmness and fullness; more prominent breasts; and a younger looking body contour.

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