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Breast Augmentation–a Changing Trend

Breast augmentation continues to be a popular surgery among women of all ages in the United States.  According to a recent New York Times article, there were 296,203 breast implant procedures performed by plastic surgeons in 2010.  That is a 2 percent increase over 2009, and a 39 percent jump since 2000.  Breast lifts accounted for 90,000 plastic surgery procedures last year. This is a 9 percent increase since 2009, and a 70 percent increase since 2000.  
This is more than just a national trend—it is a response by individuals seeking to improve their self-esteem by optimizing their own physical image. The most important issue in choosing an option is what looks natural to you.  Once the patient has made the decision to augment the size of their breast we approach the patient from a whole-body philosophy.  We factor into account your health and well-being from a medical perspective before even approaching the physiological factors that will guide to your choice of feature enhancement and body contouring.
The goal is to improve upon the beauty you have, not to turn your body into a whimsical caricature.  So how you look at the choice of augmentation is important to the procedure and the results after the surgery is important.  The actual size of a breast implant regardless within general measurements of fluid ccs, is really not descriptive of what a breast augmentation will actually look like post-surgery healing.  It is all relative to the size of the breast and the size of the patient preoperatively. A tall, broad-shouldered patient with small A-cup breasts may require 450cc implants to achieve a C-cup breast volume postoperatively, while a shorter patient with medium B-cup breasts may only need a 250cc implant to achieve a C-cup breast volume.
For any patient there is obviously a range of implant volumes that would be considered natural-appearing. What one patient sees as natural, another might not feel the same if the look where applied to their body.  Many patients do ask that the largest implant volume be selected that does not produce an unnatural fullness in the upper pole.  By using a series of highly specialized techniques, tools, and procedures, we can assure the patients can be provided with the closest possible approximation of their preoperative goals, and can be assured of a natural-appearing result.
It’s important to remember that breast reduction is also a variety of augmentation that is on the rise. According to the same NY Times article, breast implant removals were performed by plastic surgeons 21,700 times or 9 percent more of these procedures than in 2009.  Overall this trend indicates that the cosmetic surgery industry and the new technology available for breast enhancement procedures have improved.
As with any procedure, it is always best to schedule an appointment and come into the office for a consultation. There one can discuss goals and we can determine if the patient is a surgical candidate. Together, we can make a plan to achieve the patient’s goals with appropriate safety and success.  Remember the goal is to achieve a natural look that brings out the best in you.
Parker-Pope, Tara. “A Decade of Boosting Breast Size.” Well: NY Times Blogs 21 March 2011. NY Times Online Web. 07 Jun. 2012.
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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Dr. Michael Eisemann, Dr. Bradley Eisemann, and the entire staff at Eisemann Plastic Surgery are committed to the health and safety of all of our patients and ourselves.

We are thankful to be connected to Houston Methodist Hospital, one of the most respected hospitals in the country. Because of this, our screening policy is aided by the hospital's official policies and checkpoint screening measures completed prior to entering our building. These measures allow us to do everything we can, at this point in time, to minimize the chance that we expose ourselves or our patients to someone who has been sick or contagious with the virus.

We are set up to perform new consults and patient follow-ups via ZOOM video conferencing.

As of Monday, March 23rd, our office is open. We are open and seeing select patients. If you are currently on the schedule, please call our office if you have any concerns about your own health.

While all major hospitals have stopped elective surgery at this time, we are very selectively performing indicated operative procedures in our procedure room and in our AAAASF certified operating room under local and IV sedation.

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