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Breast Augmentation Revision In Houston

The US FDA’s recent pronouncements regarding the safety of silicone breast implants sent waves of conversation throughout the plastic surgery community regarding the future of breast augmentation surgery.  Since the 1990’s when the FDA prohibited the sale silicone breast implants over patient safety concerns, the best minds in medical science  performed exhaustive investigations into the silicone breast implant; the amount of time, energy and money spent on this analysis has made the silicone breast implant, hands down, the most studied medical device in human history to date.  During the time when silicone breast implants were unavailable, the demand for breast augmentation surgery was filled by the saline breast implant.  However, the silicone implant feels much more like natural breast tissue than saline, and silicone is less likely to produce a rippling effect under the skin.  For some patients who have undergone breast augmentation, the FDA’s statements on the safety and efficacy of silicone have made some women seek to have their saline implants removed (i.e., explanted) and swapped for silicone.  This process is called breast augmentation revision surgery, and exchanging saline for silicone implants is merely one reason one would undergo a breast augmentation revision surgery.  Before choosing a surgeon, be sure to determine that s/he is not only experienced with breast augmentation, but also with revision procedures.  Not all plastic surgeons have extensive experience in this area, so be sure to ask how many revisions surgeries s/he performs each year, and ask to see before and after photographs of those revision surgeries. 

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