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Breast Augmentation Trends

More and more it is becoming commonplace in plastic surgery practice to combine procedure for the patient. For example, many patients at The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston choose to not only have breast augmentation, but also a mastopexy (a/k/a breast lift). This makes sense from a practical, medical and financial point of view for several reasons. A large percentage of patients who elected to only have breast augmentation without a breast lift follow-up and wish to get the lift to help achieve the look they wanted. Having one surgery with one anesthesia is best for the patient as there is one recovery period. Finally, it is less expensive to the patient to have the procedures combined rather than done separately. Despite popular belief, most women have aesthetic issues with both breast volume and height. This can be due to breast feeding, massive weight loss from gastric bypass surgery, and even natural aging processes.

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