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Is Breast Augmentation Without Surgery Even Possible?

Breast augmentation is the leading plastic surgery procedure performed every year, and has been for decades because it produces instant, measurable results for the patient. Despite the success and popularity of breast augmentation, there is a population of women who do not wish to undergo elective surgery and general anesthesia to meet their aesthetic goals. Until now, there has been little, if any, effective treatment for women seeking to increase breast tissue volume. A relatively new system called Brava is now available at the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center that is a non-surgical alternative for women seeking breast augmentation. Brava is an external tissue expander that is worn by the patient over a prescribed period of time. The results of a clinical study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery confirms that women in the study group had a median breast tissue increase of one size (approximately 155cc’s), and others had even more significant results. If you are among the women who do not wish to have surgical breast augmentation, Brava might be a good option for you. To learn more about Brava from a board certified plastic surgeon, contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today.

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