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Breast Feeding And The Affect On Breast Implants

One of the largest concerns women of child bearing years worry about when considering breast augmentation surgery is how breast feeding their infant will affect either saline or silicone breast implants, as well as their ability to breast feed their baby. Most plastic surgeons advise their breast augmentation patients to delay surgery until after the birth and weaning of the last child. However, a recent study conducted by a plastic surgeon in San Juan, Puerto Rico revealed that having breast implants does not cause problems with the success or failure of mothers who wish to breast feed who also have breast implants. The study sample included 160 mothers with breast implants, and the goal was to determine the success versus failure of breastfeeding in these women with implants. Eighty-six percent of women in the study failed at breastfeeding, but these same women reported that they believed doing so would negatively impact the appearance of their breasts. Thirteen percent (13%) did not believe that breastfeeding their infant would make their breast augmentation look worse, and these women successfully breast fed their babies. This qualitative, subjective study was conducted by one physician on a very small sample size; therefore, more research is necessary before Houston plastic surgeons will recommend that breast augmentation patients begin breastfeeding after implantation. Having breast augmentation surgery involves both time and money, so speak candidly with your plastic surgeon about your plans for pregnancy.

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