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Breast Implant Sport Bra Support

Finding the right sports bra for women with even light enhancement can be a critical issue for the continued health of your body.  After you’ve recovered from your breast augmentation, you may feel that you want to return to your desired physical activity level prior to your breast implant surgery.  You may even feel so inspired with new confidence as to take up new exercise routines.

It is very important to consider the safety and health of your body in preparation.  Choosing the right bra can be the difference between a painful experience and an effortless stride that revolutionizes your run.  We recommend the following advice when starting new physical activities.

Have a professional measure you for the correct fitting bra.  There are many women who have been purchasing and wearing bras all their life, that still have not found the correct fit because they have not had a professional fitting.  Try on several fits to determine what support level you need.  Try out the bra on the trail before purchasing any more of the brand.  Remember, you are looking for a ”no-bounce” bra.  If you see more than just a little bounce in the mirror, you are not looking at your sports bra.  Make sure you’ve placed your breast in the bra properly before purchasing and each and every time you work out.

There are “no-bounce” sport bras out there, so really take a look at what your options are and see a professional.  If you have any doubts about your support, we suggest a low impact physical activity like an elliptical, walk, or swim.  You’ve got the support you need, now go out there and enjoy your work out.

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