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Breast Implants & Terrorism: Really?

Just when you think that national security threats couldn’t get any worse, federal government intelligence agencies proves us wrong.  In August, the federal government advised the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) that breast implants might be the next strategy terrorists use to conceal explosives and get past security screening.  To date no such occurrence has been documented, but some experts agree that this is a plausible scenario.  When this story hit the newswire it naturally upset thousands of women who have undergone breast augmentation and have either silicone or saline breast implants.  There are already reports of TSA officers who get overzealous with pat down protocol, but the TSA has not implemented breast exams or even suggested such a procedure.  Houston plastic surgeon, Michael Eisemann, M.D., reminds his patients and the public that it would be highly unlikely for a physician of any nationality to implant an explosive device inside the body because of the ancient, fundamental medical doctrine of “do no harm.”  Women with breast implants should be put at ease because advanced imaging techniques at airport security lines are replacing pat downs.

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