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Breast Lift Surgery And Having Children

The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center receives many questions from patients, both prospective and current that we find helpful to share.  One patient with natural breasts wanted to know if she could have a breast lift now, and plan to have children around 6-10 years later.  The answer is that of course, she can have a breast lift now and enjoy the results of that surgery.  The breast lift will have no impact whatsoever on her ability to conceive, carry a child, or deliver by either natural or c-section method.  However, we advised this patient that pregnancy and nursing can have an impact on breasts, and every woman is different.  Some women go through pregnancy and nursing without much change to the size, firmness or positioning of the breast, but others may notice sagging, volume differences and skin tone differences.  Therefore, it may be necessary to have a follow-up lift and/or augmentation to maintain the body contours the patient desires.  We would not advise that a patient have a breast lift with the plan to start a family or continue child bearing in time immediately following or a couple of years following a breast lift as this may diminish the results of the surgery.  Dr. Eisemann enjoys conferring with his patients to answer their unique questions.

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