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Breast Ptosis And Mastopexy

Ptosis is a Greek word that refers to the drooping or falling of a body part. While ptosis can refer to a droopy eyelid, the term is also used for the breasts. When breast tissue droops enough, it drives some women to consider having a breast lift (a/k/a mastopexy). Plastic surgeons classify and grade breast ptosis on a scale of 1-3, with 1 being mild, 2 being moderate and 3 being severe. The level of severity is measured by the distance of the nipple from the inframammary fold. Women with mild breast ptosis generally have a nipple positioned just below the inframammary fold but above the lower pole of the breast. Moderate ptosis involves nipples that are further below the inframammary fold, but still somewhat above the lower pole of the breast. Finally, in severe breast ptosis the nipples are well below the inframammary fold and without any lower pole tissue below the nipple. The grade of breast ptosis is a factor when the breast surgeon determines which approach to mastopexy would most benefit the patient. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center specializes in breast augmentation, breast lift/mastopexy and combined procedures.

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