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Breast Reconstruction And Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  We mark it with the Susan G. Komen run, pink ribbons, pink products of all kind for sale, and professional football players wearing hot pink sneakers and gloves.  Some breast cancer survivors live with having one or both breasts removed in order to eradicate their bodies of cancer cells.  Mastectomy surgery leaves women’s bodies scarred, and many breast cancer survivors feel self-conscious about their appearance.  Even with specially made bras and prostheses, many women feel the need to seek another solution.  Breast reconstruction is an option to restore the patient’s chest to a more normal appearance.  However, not all plastic surgeons are trained and experienced in breast reconstruction surgery.  Breast reconstruction is a much more complex procedure than mere augmentation.  Therefore, it is important to consult a plastic surgeon who is not only compassionate with an understanding of breast cancer treatment, but who is also board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery.  Michael Eisemann, M.D. is triple board certified in plastic surgery and has over thirty years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery.  Not only is Dr. Eisemann an excellent clinician, but he is a compassionate physician.

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