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Breast Reduction And Weight Loss: What Patients Should Consider

Weight management is an issue many women will face in their lives, but what many may not consider before considering breast reduction surgery is how it will impact their post-surgical appearance.  Initially losing weight in the breasts before anywhere else is a huge irritant to women, but it’s something they should consider with their plastic surgeon before pulling the trigger on surgery.  Dr. Michael Eisemann advises his patients that they should be very close to their ideal weight before undergoing breast reduction surgery.  If the patient plans to lose additional weight following surgery, she should be aware that even a loss of 10-15 pounds can reduce the volume of the breasts, which means that for some women their breasts may be reduced in size much more than they intended.  With the rising popularity of gastric bypass surgery and lap band surgery, this is a real concern because patients may lose around 80-100 pounds within a year of gastric bypass.  For the best outcome it is highly recommended that the patient be at her ideal body weight before undergoing breast reduction surgery.

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