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Breast Reduction: More of a Celebrity Trend Than You Might Think

celebrity breast reduction trendHearing of a woman getting breast implants is not unheard of, but breast reduction? Is that really a thing? You might think to yourself. True, it is a surgical procedure that is available and for good cause. Celebrities going the route of the more natural looking size that fits their shape include the likes of: Victoria Beckham, Pam Anderson and Drew Barrymore.

While there are aesthetic reasons behind having a breast reduction procedure, medical reasons might also be included on that list. Having a breast reduction will help:

  • Relieve pain or discomfort associate with large, heavy or cumbersome breasts
  • Restore the natural contours of your body shape
  • Allow for physical activity that may have been previously limited
  • Relieve back pain

Going is the trend of large breasts that do not quite seem to fit a woman’s body shape. Celebrities are having breast reduction surgery to achieve a balance: a breast size that fits to their body shape naturally.

Because breast reduction surgery may be a recommendation to reduce pain or discomfort, some medical insurances will cover the cost of the procedure. This will be discussed with you in more detail during your initial consultation with Dr. Michael Eisemann, your experienced Houston plastic surgeon.

If you would like to learn more about a breast reduction procedure, contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today at 713-766-0071 to schedule an initial consultation. Dr. Eisemann, triple board-certified plastic surgeon will help you determine if a breast reduction is right for you.

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