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Bridesmaids Given Cosmetic Enhancements For “dream Wedding”

Happy “Hump Day” from Dr. Michael Eisemann and the entire staff at Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston!

Today we get an interesting look at how far Ms. Knauer of New York went for her ‘Picture Perfect Wedding.’ by flying all her bridesmaids, her mother, future mother-in-low and selected special guests to a MedSpa where they reportedly had mimosas and cupcakes while each woman had a custom plan created for laser treatments, face-lifts, botox and other decisions regarding who would get what for the big day.

Brides have given spa packages with spray-tans which have occasionally included Botox or other minor enhancements but this wedding took things up a few notches.

Some people believe the trend of people getting married at a later age has a connection to the increasing frequency of cosmetic surgery or procedures being done by brides and other members of wedding parties and while those reasons can and do vary one thing is for sure and that is once something starts you can rest assured that not far behind is someone else who will raise the bar. A challenge for whoever that may be in this case and interesting for the rest of us who stick to more traditional gifts for members of a wedding party… like keychains!

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