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British Couple Shuns Typical Bridal Registry Requesting Boobs Instead

Wedding etiquette has been tossed by the wayside!  It is poor taste to advise wedding guests that you’re registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, but brides do it all the time.  However, can you imagine receiving a wedding invitation asking for money to pay for breast augmentation?!  One British couple has done just that and got the money.  The bride (a size 32D) sought to upgrade to a size 32DD.  Breast augmentation is a financial investment in your personal appearance, but there are other ways to pay for this besides panhandling from the wedding guests.  The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston, Texas offers financing resources for patients seeking plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation.  Dr. Eisemann’s office understands that in the current economic client that paying for plastic surgery procedures can be difficult.  That is why the office provides contact information for Care Credit and Acquired Loan Solutions.  Even if you cannot qualify for financing on your own, you can have a co-signor.  For more information on financing for your breast augmentation procedure, contact Dr. Eisemann’s office today.

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