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Brow Lift Your Cares Away

Greetings Houston, a very fond hello from all of us at Eisemann Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston. Today we’re going to talk about Brow Lifts.


Believe it or not, brow lifts are becoming more and more popular. There are three types of Brow Lifts. Coronal, Traditional, and Forehead. Each has a specific result to accomplish various goals.


Brow lifts are not simply for aesthetic value. In some cases drooping eyebrows can cause vision impairment. Thus getting a brow lift can be useful and vital to the safety of yourself and others, especially if motor vehicles are involved.


But perhaps you’ve simply just worked very hard and you don’t want to have to wear the tell-tale signs of permanently furrowed brows.


Well Dr. Eisemann and his staff will talk with you in order to come up with a plan that will accomplish specifically what you desire. So make an appointment today!

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