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Buttock Augmentation In Houston

With the close of 2011, many medical and consumer organizations are beginning to tally the areas of most interest for plastic surgery and project expectations for the coming year. One such organization called RealSelf is an Internet patient review and research site for procedures including plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. RealSelf reports that there was a 39% increase in consumers searching for information about buttock augmentation designed to increase the size and shapeliness of the rear end. Buttock augmentation was the procedure seeing the largest increase in interest – especially from young females. However, there are plenty of men who want buttock augmentation too. There are many types of buttock augmentation methods including silicone implants and fat transfer procedures, but if not performed by a well-trained plastic surgeon, the results can be less than desirable. The Cosmetic Surgery Center Houston offers prospective patients more than a consult about such procedures, including patient education about the actual procedure, reasonable expectations, results, and how to prepare. If you have wanted to know more about buttock augmentation and reputable Houston plastic surgeons, contact Dr. Eisemann’s office today.

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