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Can Any Doctor Perform Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The answer to this question is “It depends.”  A licensed physician may perform any procedure in his/her office.  Physicians are professionals that obtain a tremendous amount of training, and the board of medical examiners permits physicians to use their own discretion about which procedures they will perform in their own office.  For instance, it is fairly unlikely that an internist would perform cardiac surgery because most physicians specialize and seek board certification and re-certification devoting their entire career to that specialty, such as plastic and reconstructive surgery.  This is one reason many physicians who perform breast augmentation surgery, do so in their own surgical suites.  However, the same non-board certified physician might not be permitted to perform breast augmentation at a hospital.  Each hospital reviews a physician’s credentials and determines whether it will grant the physician privileges at all as well as the scope of those privileges.  For example, if a dermatologist wanted to perform breast augmentation s/he could do so in his/her own office surgical suite, but the same dermatologist may not be granted privileges at the hospital to perform breast augmentation.  The best way to find out whether your prospective plastic surgeon is board certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is to simply ask.  This is not to say that the dermatologist will do a bad job at breast augmentation, but that board certified plastic surgeons have dedicated their entire careers to plastic and reconstructive surgery and have likely performed infinitely more breast augmentation procedures.  The passion to specialize in a field of medicine, maintain board certification, and to dedicate one’s medical career to a particular area in medicine speak volumes about your breast surgeon.

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