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Can “runner’s Face” Be Fixed?

runnersface“Runner’s Face” is a colloquialism to describe the skeletal and haggard look some joggers develop in middle age.  Because runners burn lots of fat beneath the layers of skin, this creates a loss of volume in areas such as the face, and this can cause one’s face to look hollowed out.  Couple this with the loss of fullness due to aging and runners who don’t apply sunscreen, and the appearance of facial skin can be even worse.  It seems unfair that men and women who work so hard to maintain good health and a physique through exercise can develop a gaunt appearance contributing to premature aging.  Fortunately, aesthetic procedures can rejuvenate the face to counteract the loss of fullness and the appearance of wrinkles with fillers, fat grafting and Botox.  The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston specializes in facial rejuvenation with both non-invasive and surgical techniques to help runners and non-runners alike looking their best.

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