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A Case For Teenage Plastic Surgery

Each year, many young men (between the ages of 12-18) dread going back to school – not because of homework and tests, but because of changing in the locker room.  Overdeveloped male breasts can have a devastating effect on a teen.  The positive news is that in most instances the excessive fatty tissue will resolve on its own.  But there are cases when this does not happen.  I have seen several young men with their parents in my Houston office wondering what to do.  Some teens present with a small amount of fatty tissue in one or both breasts, while others present with pendulous, fleshy breasts like that of an old woman.  One patient related a story wherein his classmates relentlessly teased him, called him “Moob Man” and defiled his locker with bras.  This not only affected the young man’s self-esteem but also his grades.  Even in the absence of immature, cruel antics, the young person’s self-esteem can suffer.  There is a surefire cure for male breasts called gynecomastia.  It is very much like a breast reduction surgery for women.  However, before performing this procedure we, at The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center, go through a comprehensive history and physical and spend time discussing the surgery (including risks and benefits).  We do not encourage teens to have elective procedures without considerable thought, but when plastic surgery can change the person, his life, and the way he sees himself for the better, that’s a great day’s work.

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