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What To Know About Liposuction

When plastic surgery procedures make their way into the popular consciousness, myths often abound. Reality gets stretched into something unrecognizable. And potential patients gain a completely skewed idea of what a procedure entails. Liposuction is no exception. At The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center, we often have potential patients who come to a consultation with a completelyRead More

Will Liposuction Remove Belly Fat?

Belly fat is among the most tenacious and difficult to remove fat on the body. Diet and exercise may reduce the bulk somewhat, but these methods alone often fail to produce fully desirable results. If you have belly fat that seems resistant to traditional methods of removal, Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann can help.Read More

What Are Your Body Contouring Goals?

Are excess fat accumulations making your body look uneven, lumpy, or unattractive? Is loose or sagging skin getting in the way of physical abilities or interfering with your clothing options? Are there parts of your body you have not been able to sculpt through diet and exercise? If you can answer yes to any ofRead More

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