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4 Surgeries And How To Best Heal Afterwards

You have taken the steps necessary to reach your personal body goals. You did your research, selected your surgeon, and you are now preparing for your upcoming procedure. Here’s a chance to take the time and get more of the information you may need about what comes next. What you do or attempt to doRead More

How To Find A Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

Deciding to get surgery for cosmetic or functional purposes is a huge deal. Whether you want to feel more confident in the way you look, or you’re having complications with your body and need to correct something, plastic surgery is your choice to make. So now that you know you want something done, where shouldRead More

Will Insurance Pay For Balloon Sinuplasty?

Houston ENT Dr. Michael Eisemann works with most major insurance carriers to cover the cost of balloon sinuplasty. If you struggle with chronic sinusitis, call 855-813-7077 to schedule a balloon sinuplasty consultation with Dr. Eisemann. During this consultation, our patient coordinator can discuss payment options, including insurance, to help you plan for your nonsurgical sinusitisRead More

May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, giving you an ideal opportunity to recommit to wearing sunscreen. Especially in places like Houston, where sun exposure is often prolonged, the use of sunscreen is essential for blocking the harmful UV rays linked to skin cancer. Sunscreen can also help prevent premature aging of the skin and mayRead More

Top Five Plastic Surgery Procedures Of 2016

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has just released its annual report of the top five plastic surgery procedures. Breast augmentation remained number one in 2016, but saw its first increase since 2013, growing a full 4% over the previous year. Facelift returned to the top five, edging out tummy tuck surgery for that finalRead More

Dr. Eisemann Attends The 51st Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium

Board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann recently attended the 51st Baker Gordon Educational Symposium on Cosmetic Surgery. This symposium featured innovators in the field of plastic surgery and followed the theme of examining “an array of sophisticated solutions that recent innovations provide for improved aesthetic control and consistency, focusing on concepts and techniques whichRead More

Slideshare: Balloon Sinuplasty

What is balloon sinuplasty? Click through this short SlideShare presentation to find out. If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, board-certified Houston ENT, Dr. Michael Eisemann, can help. Please contact us online or call 855-813-7077 to schedule a consultation today.  

Plastic Surgery Recovery Slowed By E-cigarettes

Nicotine is a vascular constrictor. This means that it works to constrict veins and arteries, slowing blood flow and, along with it, the body’s natural healing response. Smokers typically experience less rewarding plastic surgery results due to this longer recovery period, which often produces thick and visible scars. Smoking also increases risks for infection andRead More

3d Plastic Surgery Projections?

One more day till the weekend and we at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston would like to wish you a great Friday! Some new 3D techniques are being used to show a detailed step by step process of common plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks. The objective is toRead More

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Dr. Michael Eisemann, Dr. Bradley Eisemann, and the entire staff at Eisemann Plastic Surgery are committed to the health and safety of all of our patients and ourselves.

We are thankful to be connected to Houston Methodist Hospital, one of the most respected hospitals in the country. Because of this, our screening policy is aided by the hospital's official policies and checkpoint screening measures completed prior to entering our building. These measures allow us to do everything we can, at this point in time, to minimize the chance that we expose ourselves or our patients to someone who has been sick or contagious with the virus.

We are set up to perform new consults and patient follow-ups via ZOOM video conferencing.

As of Monday, March 23rd, our office is open. We are open and seeing select patients. If you are currently on the schedule, please call our office if you have any concerns about your own health.

While all major hospitals have stopped elective surgery at this time, we are very selectively performing indicated operative procedures in our procedure room and in our AAAASF certified operating room under local and IV sedation.

As always, both Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann are available by phone and email to answer any questions you may have.

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