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Celebrity Breasts

With all the media attention these days to celebrity news, it is not uncommon for someone to come into an appointment asking something along the lines of, “I want Katie Holmes’ breasts.”  You might find it funny or even odd that someone might want to “look” like a celebrity.  If it were possible, we would all be walking around looking like Jessica Biel or Ryan Renolds fresh off of a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.  

It isn’t as far of a stretch as you might think for the business of a plastic surgeon in Houston. It is important to develop goals and plan their achievement with your doctor and, often times, bringing in a photo of your favorite celebrity can give you an idea of the change in a specific body part could be.  We sometimes suggest that patients take a look through a magazine and select what looks visually pleasing for them based on a specific feature. Breast augmentation surgery in Houston may not yield as many patients with “stars in there eyes,” but there are still quite a few.

Self image is important and achieving the look that is best for you is our ultimate goal.  Together with your plastic surgeon, the most realistic goal of expectations can be established.  Some individuals expectations of enlargement will be too much.  If undergoing a breast implant surgery or breast reduction could give you breasts that look like Angelina Jolie’s or Katie Holme’s, then by all means we will aim for that goal.  We believe in having high expectations, achieving your ideals, and setting realistic boundaries.  Here’s to looking like a star!

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