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Considerations For Houston Plastic Surgery

At The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center we see both female and male patients of all ages, sizes and ethnicities. Plastic surgery is not for everyone, and prior to proceeding Dr. Eisemann and his surgical nursing staff work closely with the patient to hone in on their personal goals (both short and long term), medical history, how much time they have for recovery following a procedure, budget for a procedure, and if necessary, reframing the patient’s expectations to what plastic surgery can realistically accomplish. For instance, a facial procedure that has grown in popularity over the years is the mini-face lift. The mini facelift generally helps to reduce the amount of lax skin in the patient’s face. This procedure is similar to a standard facelift, but there are shorter incisions and the substructure and musculature of the face is not enhanced. Aggressive marketing of non-invasive or non-surgical cosmetic procedures abound in our contemporary society, but the patient should realize the limitations before moving forward. Some of the procedures are similar in price to plastic surgery, but without as dramatic or permanent effects. If plastic surgery is something you’ve been considering, by all means do your own homework, but also consult with a professional who has helped people in Houston look their best for over three decades. Contact our office today for a consultation.

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