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Correcting The Inverted Nipple

Nipples play an important role in the aesthetic beauty of the breast and a functional role in breast-feeding children. Inverted nipples are seen in approximately 2% of the general population, and the cause is usually the development of fibrous bands behind the nipples that occurs during uterine development. While some women who have inverted nipples experience no problems with breast-feeding, others do have difficulty and cannot breast-feed. Surgical correction is an option for aesthetic considerations. Plastic surgery can be performed on the nipple(s) to evert them, and many surgeries involve small incisions near the areola or base of the nipple. However, there is some risk that the patient may experience a decreased amount of feeling and sensation in the nipples post-operatively. There is also a risk that the patient may be unable to breast-feed even after surgery. While there are commercial suction devices available, this is neither a guarantee nor a permanent solution to having inverted nipples. Patients who are bothered by this condition should consult a board certified plastic surgeon such as Michael Eisemann, M.D.

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