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Deleting The Double Chin

Having a double (or in some cases triple) chin is a feature that detracts from the face and makes one look much older than he/she may in fact be.  With the belly and things, patients can at least try exercise to get rid of fat and firm up, but unfortunately, there really aren’t exercises to get rid of stubborn fat under the chin.  So, what’s person to do?  An option to get rid of the double chin is liposuction.  Though many patients associate liposuction with the abdomen, buttocks, flanks and abdomen, this plastic surgery technique can also be used on the face with a very fine cannula that does not leave any visible incisions or scarring.  This is a short procedure that requires little downtime.  While most patients experience some bruising in the area under the chin and neck, the bruises are usually minimal and resolve quickly.  An additional procedure that nicely compliments liposuction under the chin is a neck lift.  Even if a person takes immaculate care of him/herself, the skin on the neck can tell all about age.  Michael Eisemann, M.D. is a triple board certified plastic surgeon serving the Houston area over three decades.  For more information on how the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center can help you look your best, contact us today.

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