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Diabetes And Plastic Surgery

One question we are asked at The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center is whether a patient with diabetes can have elective plastic surgery. Even though diabetes is a serious medical condition, patients who are well controlled and in good health can and do undergo plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation and liposuction. During your consultation with Dr. Eisemann, he will discuss your diabetes with you and how well it is under control. For instance, he will want to review at least your last two to three hemoglobin A1c results to see that your average blood sugars are within acceptable ranges and that they are stable. Just as your endocrinologist will tell you, an A1c of 7.0 and below is the goal. As diabetic patients know, it takes longer for wounds and incisions to heal than in the general population, and it is very important to monitor healing and keep the incision sites clean. By being candid with Dr. Eisemann about your medical history and diabetic care, you will form a partnership for a safe and successful plastic surgery procedure.

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