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Did Clint Eastwood Have a Cosmetic Procedure?

Hollywood legand Clint Eastwood truly is remarkable. Classic movie moments associated with Clint are countless fans that span generations have appreciate his work. Rumors are difficult to confirm and are speculation based and with 80 year old Actor/Director Clint Eastwood that’s probably the best we’re going to get. Dr. John Di Saia said, “It looks like Clint Eastwood may have received some much needed skin care … probably laser re-surfacing,”

As one of Hollywoods most fascinating and enduring stars Clint Eastwood has also been succesful in politics as an elected mayor in 1986 for a term of his home town of Carmel-by-the-Sea in California. It comes as no surprise and a great example that Eastwood has been a life-long non-smoker and extremely health conscious since he was a teenager known for healthy eating, transcendental meditation and is believed to have abstained from hard liquor.

Things were not always all success for the American legend who was actually fired by Universal Studios for, “having an Adams apple that was too big”
However, he kept on and not long after that starred in “Raw Hide” and things didn’t slow down. In 1983 he played Dirty Hairy in the fim “Sudden Impact” in which he had is famous, “Do you feel lucky? Punk?” and “Go ahead, make my day, punk” lines.

Clint also is an accomplished musician who played at Carnegie Hall and word on the street is that he plays a mean game of golf.

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